New Amsterdam's Ryan Eggold Teases 'Challenging' Finale, Different Season 2

New Amsterdam Finale Spoilers

Tuesday’s New Amsterdam season finale (NBC, 10/9c) is so dramatic that “it changes the landscape of the show and these characters, and there’s no coming back from it,” star Ryan Eggold tells TVLine.

Following the intense hour — which features a pretty scary situation involving Max’s pregnant wife — “I think Season 2 will be a totally different landscape for the show” because of what happens, Eggold continues.

Read on as the actor previews Max’s “impossible choice” and the two women who come to the doc’s aid.

TVLINE | What kind of emotional torture did they put you through in the season finale?
Oh man, it was… It was challenging, but it’s exciting to be handed challenges like that. A lot of my work took place in one location for the finale, so it was all kind of clumped together, back-to-back, which made it more intense and a little more draining, but I think it also helped us get into that world and stay there, which was helpful. It’s a great finale.

TVLINE | They aired a promo for the finale that was quite dramatic. You had blood on you at the door, but it looks like it’s actually Georgia’s blood. Where do things pick up after that moment at the end of the last episode, and what is Max dealing with?
Basically, Bloom is coming to tell Max that she’s sort of done being a doctor and needs to get her personal life in order, and then she walks into this really high stakes life-and-death situation. And Max is kind of ill-equipped to deal with it at the moment, because he’s struggling on his own with the fatigue and nausea and his lack of strength, just being sort of weak, and really, the cancer’s starting to beat him down a little bit, and the treatment of the cancer’s starting to beat him down. The chemotherapy and everything is so exhausting and so oppressive at times. So really, thank God she does show up, and they find themselves in this unlikely pairing, trying to save this bad situation from becoming worse.

New Amsterdam Finale

TVLINE | How dire do things get?
Things get pretty bad. But when things are at their lowest, you kind of see people’s strength and what they’re really made of and what they can do. I think Bloom is, basically, ready to give up, and she really participates in a big way that shows why she’s so capable at what she does. Max, I think, probably just wants to crawl into bed and sleep, but he is running on pure adrenaline and then pulls every last ounce of strength out of him that he has. And Georgia is in a fight for her life. It’s everything why Max fell in love with this woman: She’s incredibly brave and courageous and strong-willed and determined to bring this baby into the world. I think it really is a moment that shows everybody sort of what they’re capable of.

TVLINE | Max has so much on his plate between his responsibilities at New Amsterdam and with his health. Is he ready to be a father on top of all of that?
I don’t think he is ready for all that, and I think like so many dads, he has that thing coming to him [where] the second you meet your child, you just become a dad. Like, just instantly everything changes and this person becomes your No. 1 priority, and everything else becomes secondary to that or in support of that, of raising this child. I think that’ll happen to Max. I don’t think he’s ready. I don’t know how ready anyone can be. I think it just happens to you. I do think he will be a great dad because he cares so much, and he’s such a people person in a way. I think he’ll rise to the task, to the challenge.

TVLINE | There’s a moment in the promo where Max says, “I have to choose between my wife and my baby.” We’ve already seen in the previous episodes that Max has trouble making tough choices.
Indeed, yes. He’s very indecisive, not unlike myself.

TVLINE | This has to be like the toughest choice of them all. How is he coping with that?
I don’t know if you can. It’s an impossible choice, and there’s no decision you can make that makes sense. I think Max will always choose to save everyone, and he’ll always choose to have both options work out… So thank God Bloom is there, who has a little more clarity on the situation and a little more sort of medical objectivity to bring to the situation. She is a huge help to Max in that moment. She really saves him in that moment.

New Amsterdam - Season 1TVLINE | Is there anything that you can tease in terms of Max and Helen’s interaction in the finale?
Max and Helen take a romantic trip to Hawaii in the finale. [Laughs] He just says, “To hell with all drama, let’s go to Hawaii.” They hop on a plane… No, I’m kidding. That would be awesome, but no. The only thing I can say about Max and Helen in the finale is that she is always someone that he can depend on, and friendship or more than friendship aside, she is incredible at what she does. She always has a clear mind and an incredible ability to get things done. She’s someone that he goes to when he’s struggling, and she’s always there to kind of pick him up and keep things moving.

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