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Lucifer's Rachael Harris Reacts to Episode 2's Big Reveal — and Linda's Hilarious Inability to Cope!

Lucifer Recap Linda Pregnant

The following contains spoilers from Lucifer Season 4, Episode 2.

We shoulda sensed something was up when Dr. Linda suddenly started air boxing.

As witnessed in Season 4’s first two episodes, the shrink “is manic and has all of this energy, like, ‘I’m going to learn how to defend myself because all this s–t keeps happening to me,'” her portrayer, Rachael Harris, recalls. The unusual burst of hyperactivity “was sort of akin to Jeff Goldlum in The Fly.”

But midway through Episode 2 of Lucifer’s fourth season (now on Netflix), the Mike Tyson-channeling Linda was the one down for the count, after suddenly fainting. After being urged by Maze to get a proper check-up, Dr. Linda received the one call that changed it all: She is pregnant, with Amenadiel’s child.

“Incredulous” is the first word Harris latches onto to sum up Linda’s reaction. “I’m like, ‘I don’t understand how this is happening,’ and then I go tell Amenadiel.”

Lucifer’s angelic brother (played by D.B. Woodside) at first blush responds with a flicker of shock, but then positively beams when apprised of his baby daddy status. In fact, he quickly proceeds to get a bit too involved for Linda’s liking. Faced with the prospect of not just an unplanned baby but one that could very well sprout wings, “She really doesn’t want to cope with it for a while,” Harris previews. “She’s sort of like, ‘It’s too much for me,’ which is the thing I love about this character. She gets to be a real person. I get to the audience where it’s like, ‘Holy s–t, what is happening inside of me?!'”

Linda more or less keeps things together, until she shares her bundle of news with Chloe. “And then I freak the f–k out,” Harris reports. “I have, like, a complete meltdown” given, among other things, “how dangerous this pregnancy is.

“I’m like, ‘No one has ever done this before,” birthing a Nephilim, Harris previews. “I’m simply not prepared for a flying baby.” But she soon shall be, with Amenadiel’s proactive help. “There’s a great scene where we put bubble wrap all over Linda’s house,” Harris laughs. “Including on the ceiling fans.”

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