Blue Bloods Finale Recap: Did 'Jamko' Wedding Go Off Without a Hitch?

Blue Bloods Wedding

In Friday’s Blue Bloods season finale, Jamie and Eddie were set to say “I do” — but did they actually get those magic words out?

Outside of a highly amusing B-story in which the eruption of a “turf war” found Baker, Moore and Gormley swapping jobs, and Danny and Baez’s investigation of a murder that was wonderfully open-and-shut (yet wasn’t), this week’s episode revolved around the imminent wedding and, perhaps more specifically, Eddie’s potential assimilation by the Reagan family.

When Frank wasn’t sweating over his rehearsal dinner speech (and grappling with what qualifies as a “joke”), he was counseling a semi-jittery Jamie to see things from the bride-to-be’s POV. Frank noted that Eddie thus far has thrown down (and chowed down) well with the Reagans — but is it to a point that she worries she is losing herself? All on top of the fact that she will have no one to walk her down the aisle, with Dad in prison?

Erin meanwhile ham-handedly dealt with the sticky wicket of a witness statement that had been taken by Eddie and is now being refuted. “Who’s lying?” is not the way that Erin should have presented the conundrum to her soon-to-be sis-in-law… and yet she pretty much did. This led to a predictable bit where Jamie oversteps his bounds by venting to Erin about suggesting Eddie lied, and then Eddie giving Jamie the cold shoulder for making her look weak. But after Eddie teamed with Anthony to confirm that the witness has been paid off to recant his version of events, Eddie avowed to Erin that she will from here on fight her own battles, and the ladies made nice-ish.

All of which led to the rehearsal dinner — where Frank delivered a wonderful toast, to seeing the always impressive Eddie “in action” as his son’s life partner — and then the wedding itself, where a tardy/missing Father of the Groom was revealed to be in the narthex, soothing an anxious Eddie — who ultimately asked him to walk her down the aisle (and thus avert her recurring nightmare of a bridal face-plant). And escort her he did, as groom Jamie beamed from the altar… and that was it?! No actual wedding for you in this finale!

That said, what did you think of the Blue Bloods season finale?

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