The Loudest Voice: Roger Ailes Spins Secrets and Lies in Miniseries Trailer

“Television is the most powerful force in the world,” says Russell Crowe’s Roger Ailes in a new trailer for The Loudest Voice. But judging by the 90 seconds of footage that follow, Ailes is a mighty powerful force in his own right — for better or worse.

Premiering Sunday, June 30 at 10/9c, the seven-episode Loudest Voice chronicles Ailes’ career as the founder of Fox News, from his days as a right-wing media juggernaut to his eventual fall from grace after a series of sexual harassment allegations.

Ailes’ inappropriate conduct with female staffers plays heavily into the trailer above, particularly his relationship with Gretchen Carlson (portrayed by Naomi Watts). Though Carlson plays nice with Ailes when they’re in public, she’s at a loss for words when he runs his hands down her dress in private, and she confides to another character that Ailes “berates me constantly. He’s a bully.” (Unfortunately, she isn’t the only woman in the trailer who has to grin and bear Ailes’ behavior.)

Elsewhere in the promo, Ailes declares war on other mainstream media outlets, while a colleague of his (played by Seth MacFarlane) asserts that “anyone outside Fox is the enemy, and we do not talk about what we do.”

The Loudest Voice‘s cast also includes Sienna Miller (The Girl), Annabelle Wallis (Peaky Blinders) and Simon McBurney (The Borgias).

Check out the full trailer above, then drop a comment and tell us if you’ll be watching the miniseries.

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