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Lucifer Season 4 Premiere Post Mortem: Lauren German Reveals What the Devil Chloe Has Been Up To

Lucifer Recap 4x01

The following contains spoilers for the Season 4 premiere of Lucifer.

Lucifer with its Season 4 premiere on Netflix at long last revealed how Chloe reacted to seeing the true face of her longtime partner in crimesolving — though we didn’t see her reaction ourselves.

No, as Lucifer shared during the cold open while beating on some baddies, the twosome’s “moment” in the immediate aftermath of Cain’s death was interrupted by the arrival of law enforcement. After that, Chloe disappeared on an impetuous mother/daughter trip with Trixie. Their destination: Italy. And when in Rome, as they say… consult with local clergy to get the 411 on the Devil’s infamous past.

Realizing Lucifer’s true identity “was so traumatic for Chloe, she ends up going to Rome to research the Devil and make sense of it,” Lauren German shared during TVLine’s visit to the set. “She turns it into, like, detective work. That’s the way she copes.”

Adds scene partner Tom Ellis, “Being a woman of logic and science, Chloe needs to find out exactly who and what the Devil is, and in Italy she meets someone who helps guide her thoughts as to the best thing to do.”

That someone, as glimpsed at the end of the premiere, is Father Kinley (Preacher‘s Graham McTavish), a Catholic priest who will later identify himself as an “investigator” for the Vatican. Well-versed on Lucifer and upon getting to know Chloe, “At first he is fascinated,” says German, seeing as his “driving force” is to dispatch with the Devil and thus squelch a frightening prophecy.

“We always knew this part would be difficult, Chloe,” Father Kinley said while sitting beside her in a Los Angeles church pew, at the close of the season premiere. “But just remember that what you’re doing is best for everyone on Earth, including Lucifer.” He then asked: “Are you ready for the next step?” — and Chloe nodded yes.

Realizing that the sinister celestial is in fact vulnerable when around Chloe, Father Kinley “tries to get to Lucifer through me,” German says, as will be seen in Episode 2.

As Lucifer resumes working alongside the detective, he will come to realize how exactly she kept busy during her “missing” month. (As Ellis notes, the second episode is titled, “Someone’s Been Reading Dante’s Inferno.”) “There are these clues that Chloe keeps dropping, that maybe everything isn’t quite as smooth and rosy as she’s making it out to be,” Ellis says.

And if Luci finds out the full extent of Father Kinley’s plan for Chloe, and her willingness to execute it? “That will flip their relationship on its head,” Elis warns.

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