Good Fight Creators Threatened to Quit Over Censored Animated Sequence

Turns out the behind-the-scenes skirmish between CBS and Good Fight creators Robert and Michelle King over that censored animated short nearly KO’d the show (or at least the show as it currently exists).

As TVLine reported on Sunday, CBS All Access — citing “concerns with some subject matter” — balked at airing an animated segment in Season 3’s eighth episode that took aim at, coincidentally, U.S. companies that censor its content to appease the lucrative Chinese market. A “CBS HAS CENSORED THIS CONTENT” placard was shown for nearly 10 seconds in place of the offending sequence, which was “the creative solution that we agreed upon” with the Kings, per CBS.

But before reaching that compromise, the Kings threatened to quit, according to The New Yorker. “[I was] very surprised and upset,” Michelle King told the mag. Robert King then added, “Can I say parenthetically here, we’re not the bad kids at the table — we love all the people at the table, at CBS. This is an unusual circumstance.”

The Kings were particularly perturbed that CBS raised its objection after the animated sequence had already been “fully written and animated, then vetted by legal and run through all the regular corporate oversight,” per The New Yorker piece.

“I mean, on the face, it’s so absurd: they censored a song about censorship,” the episode’s writer, Laura Marks, told the mag. “I know it should be funny, but it’s not.”

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