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Shadowhunters EPs Reveal What Would Have Happened in Season 4

Shadowhunters Season 4

Freeform gave Shadowhunters a bittersweet sendoff on Monday, essentially condensing what would have been a fourth season into a single 2.5-hour event. And while we’re mostly satisfied with the conclusions reached by our favorite characters, we can’t help but consider how differently things would have played out if the TV gods had given this short-lived gem a little more time. (If you haven’t watched the finale yet, we suggest you turn back. Spoilers are coming!)

Prior to learning that a fourth season of Shadowhunters wasn’t in the cards, co-showrunners Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer planned to end the Season 3 finale (aka Episode 20) with Izzy kissing Simon and becoming engulfed in heavenly fire. As you saw on Monday, this scene was eventually relocated to the first half of the series finale (aka Episode 21).

“That would have been the last scene of the show [if the two-part event hadn’t been ordered],” Swimmer tells TVLine, acknowledging that “it would have been hugely unsatisfying if that was the series finale.”

Fortunately, the finale was ordered, allowing the producers to move things around in order to craft a more palatable ending. But what else would have changed if a fourth season had been ordered? And what new stories would we get to follow? TVLine went straight to Slavkin and Swimmer for the answers.

Browse our gallery of storylines we would have seen in Season 4 — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your own thoughts below: What would you have wanted to see?