Riverdale Sneak Peek: Yes, They're Still Having a Prom — Who's Taking Who?

It’s kind of awkward to bring this up, with all the dead bodies piling up each week on Riverdale, but… prom night is almost here!

In TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek at tonight’s episode (The CW, 8/7c), Cheryl reminds the gang that the junior prom is fast approaching. The theme is “Fire & Ice,” and of course, Cheryl fully expects her and Toni to be named co-prom queens. Veronica speaks for all of us, though, when she asks: “Prom is this weekend? We still do things like that here?” (Ha!)

Despite the looming threat of the Gargoyle King, teenage romance cannot be denied, and Betty sweetly asks Jughead to be her prom date. (“Only for you, Betty Cooper,” he groans.) But exes Archie and Veronica catch eyes, and then stare off awkwardly. Hmmm… could a prom night rekindling be in the cards? (Especially since Josie has left town?)

Elsewhere in “Prom Night”: “Betty takes matters into her own hands after learning some unsettling news about her father,” “Mary grows concerned by Archie’s desire to take boxing to the next level” and “Jughead and Betty’s plan to confront the Gargoyle King takes an unexpected turn,” per the official description. See, Gargoyle King? They didn’t forget about you.

Press PLAY above for an exclusive peek at this week’s Riverdale, and then hit the comments: Are you excited to see the gang act like actual teenagers for once?

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