Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists (Sort of) Brings Back a fAmiliAr Foe — Plus, Is Alison Ready to Move On?

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It’s been three weeks since Alison signed her divorce papers on Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, but as we saw on Wednesday’s episode, it hasn’t made her life any less complicated. Not only did the mystery surrounding Nolan’s death continue to ramp up, but we also witnessed Alison struggling with a more relatable, less murder-centric problem.

“Trying to schedule FaceTime with Grace and Lily is like the UN trying to schedule a G-7 summit,” Alison vented, which could be taken to mean that Emily isn’t being super cooperative in the co-parenting process — you know, unless the babies also have unusually busy schedules for some reason.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself,” Taylor replied. “You’re a working mom. Your kids will appreciate how hard you’ve worked for them.” Alison thanked Taylor for trusting her, then remarked, “We do have a lot in common.” (Wait a minute, do I detect… sparks?! If so, this would take the concept of a “clone couple” to the next level.)

Alison eventually managed to squeeze in a remote visit with her daughters, though I was more focused on the framed photo — of just Alison with the twins — behind her during the call. The fact that Ali appears to have removed pictures of Emily from her new house gives me the impression that she’s finally moving on. (UPDATE: Upon second viewing, there is also a photo of Emily still in the apartment.)

And if you enjoy callbacks to the original series, you probably loved this interaction between the two generations of Pretty Little Liars:

Mona: Remember that underground dollhouse I was trapped in? It looked like a bunker from the outside.
Ava: OK, we have to Google these guys.
Mona: You won’t find anything. We were minors, those records are sealed.
Alison: Remember when “A” made Hanna eat all those cupcakes?
Caitlin: Who’s “A”?
Mona: [Raises her hand.] It was a long time ago. It was a game that got out of hand.

Ali and Mona also decided that the gang should start referring to this unknown enemy by a familiar alias: “A.” (I’d also like to know where it was purely coincidental that Ava was wearing a red coat during this conversation!)

“I think it’s fun to bring back various elements on top of actually bringing back Ali and Mona,” Eli Brown (aka Dylan) tells TVLine. “I like these little spices from the old show. It’s like we’re putting little cumin on top, little red chili pepper flakes. It spices it up a little. And it’s cool to even say that I sat on set and talked about ‘A’ with Alison and Mona.”

How do you feel about this week’s callbacks to the original PLL? And with only a few episodes left in the season, who do you think killed Nolan? Drop your thoughts in a comment below.

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