The Voice Top 24 Results Show Recap: Did the Right Singers Make the Top 13?

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Games of Thrones‘ Battle of Winterfell had nothin’ on The Voice Tuesday. A dozen singers were eliminated during the Live Playoffs Results Show, and so, it appeared, was any chance Adam Levine had ever had of winning Season 16: His team was left with only two members, one of them from The Comeback Stage. Team Kelly Clarkson was left with just two contestants as well, Team John Legend had three, and Team Blake Shelton… holy crap, Blake got to keep six vocalists. So, which wannabes made it into the Top 12 — well, 13, since The Comeback Stage‘s winner is now back in the mix?

Before we found out, Adam and his team performed a rendition of “Is This Love?” that, while overall sonic soup, included some cool moments for Mari and Domenic Haynes, and Kelly performed her Ugly Dolls number “Broken and Beautiful” in front of a bunch of video monitors that I think were supposed to be mirrors. And in the moment(s) of truth…

SAVED BY AMERICA’S VOTE (in Chronological Order)
Gyth Rigdon (Team Blake)
Shawn Sounds (Team Legend)
Carter Lloyd Horne (Team Blake)
Rod Stokes (Team Kelly)
Kim Cherry (Team Blake)
Dexter Roberts (Team Blake)
Maelyn Jarmon (Team Legend)
Andrew Sevener (Team Blake)

Oliv Blu (Team Blake)
Jej Vinson (Team Kelly)
Celia Babini (Team Legend)
Mari (Team Adam)

Betsy Ade (Team Adam)
Kendra Checketts (Team Blake)
Domenic Haynes (Team Adam)
Rebecca Howell (Team Kelly)
Kalvin Jarvis (Team Adam)
Matthew Johnson (Team Kelly)
Abby Kasch (Team Kelly)
Jacob Maxwell (Team Legend)
Jimmy Mowery (Team Legend)
Lisa Ramey (Team Legend)
Selkii (Team Blake)
Presley Tennant (Team Kelly)

And singing for the Instant Save to return to the stage from The Comeback Stage, we had…

Kanard Thomas, “Call Out My Name” — Grade: C- | A no-chair-turn from the Blinds, Kanard started off his Weeknd cover pretty rough, reinforcing my thinking that the show has enough good singers on it; it doesn’t need to bring back someone who hadn’t impressed the coaches enough to advance beyond his audition. But I have to give credit where it was due: He did improve as the number went on, hitting a few nice, strong patches here and there. Still, the overall impression that he made was, “Eh, pass.”

LB Crew, “Electric Feel” — Grade: C+ | LB, you’ll recall, is a former Team Adam member who was defeated in the Live Cross Battles by Team Kelly’s Jej Vinson. Now him, I was excited to hear again, as I’d actually thought he’d outsung Jej in their Cross Battle. Here, though… well, it wasn’t necessarily the best song choice for him; it was awfully meandering. However, it did allow him to remind us of what a big voice he has, even if sometimes he used it to sound like he was struggling to cough up a hairball. Definitely the better of the two.

SAVED BY AMERICA’S VOTE | LB Crew, who, seeing his former team struggling, foolishly elected to re-up with Adam
ELIMINATED | Kanard Thomas

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