The Flash Recap: Wild Child — Plus, Cicada II's Plan Is Revealed

The Flash Recap Season 5 Episode 20 —

This week on The Flash, Nora ran with a rough crowd, sparking another spat between her parents. Was Barry able to accept Iris’ thoughts on Thawne’s possible redemption?

Having emerged from the Negative Speed Force with a bit of a fire in her belly (and eyes), Nora recruited Queen Bee, Weather Witch and Rag Doll for a big score, by breaking into a highest-security vault at a military weapons manufacturer. To that end — and as the Young Rogues abided by a “no killing” rule — Nora pinched Spyn Zone’s hypnotizing meta-tech phone from the Starchives, only to get caught by Barry. Seeing the Dad who ditched her in the future (and then didn’t accompany Mom on her own trip to 2049) inflamed Nora’s rage to the point where her face started vibing and her eyes turned a fiery red. Barry went to calm her down, but got zapped for his troubles. The rest of the Young Rogues meanwhile kidnapped Cisco, whom they need to hack Spyn Zone’s DNA-keyed phone, but brought Sherloque along for the ride.

After Cisco did the baddies’ bidding, Queen Bee left the fellas hypnotized by a swarm of her meta tech-enchanted bees. Cisco had rigged the phone signal to be glitchy, though, so he and escape artist Sherloque were able to get away. Barry and Iris meanwhile got into it about how he is treating Nora like some “supervillain” and not trying to see where she is coming from. “Thawne is worried about her,” Iris proposed. “No, he needs her,” Barry countered. “Or, he’s changed,” Iris fired back, sharing that Thawne advised her to patch things up with Barry after their previous quarrel. Nora made us better people, Iris notes — what if she did the same with Thawne?

Nora, Weather Witch and Queen Bee showed up at the weapons manufacturer dressed as military, then zapped their escorts upon laying eyes on the super-secret vault. Rag Doll creepily climbed out of Nora’s briefcase and into a steampipe that let him inside the vault to unlock it. Inside, they found a huge cache of next-gen weapons — but Weather Witch and Queen Bee had no interest in them, at least not right away. Rather, they turned on Nora and held her and the others hostage, unless The Flash showed up and outed himself to the public on live video. Sherloque as Hologram Flash failed to fool Weather Witch (for a second time), but it was no matter — because Barry, Iris and Joe were actually using facial transmogrifiers to masquerade as the weapons bigwigs!

A fight broke out, and while Iris in the hallway helped Joe by KO’ing Rag Doll, Barry took a Weather Witch zap meant for Nora, knocking out the vault’s meta dampener in the process. Father and daughter then rounded up the usual suspects. “You were with me the whole time,” Nora beamed, to which Barry said, “I abandoned you once. I’m not doing it again.”

Nora revealed to Dad and Mom that she wasn’t pinching the weapons to kill Cacada II but to gain access to one particular gun that was made from satellite parts — and thus is the only thing that can destroy the Big Bad’s dagger. Sensing Barry would never sign off on this plan of Thawne’s, that’s why Nora used any means necessary to travel back in time, to help her Dad. Nora offered to bail on her alliance with Thawne, but Barry, said, “I believe in you,” if not so much his arch-nemesis, and he apologized if he made her feel otherwise.

Back at STAR Labs, Caitlin and Ralph returned from their trip to the Tannhauser lab where Cisco tried and failed with previous versions of the meta cure to report that all of the “bad” batch had gone missing — and they suspect Cicada II will disperse it, using the stolen cryo-atomizer, to kill every metahuman in the city. We then cut to Cicada II’s cabin, where she is singing a song while prepping her weapon… as a hallucination of her uncle looks on….

What did you think of “Gone Rogue” and Barry warming up to the Redeemed Thawne notion?

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