The 100 Sneak Peek: Can Bellamy Keep His Team From Losing Hope?

After what’s starting to feel like an actual 125-year hiatus, The 100 returns to The CW for its sixth season tonight (9/8c), where a treacherous new planet awaits Clarke and her friends.

Then again, the term “friends” doesn’t necessarily apply to Clarke’s shipmates at the moment, as many of them still haven’t forgiven her for some of the more “difficult” decisions she made on their last planet.

“I can always rationalize [Clarke’s] behavior and her decisions, but the people who were on the other end of those decisions — whether it was Murphy, who got shot, or Raven and Shaw, who got turned in — have a right to be pissed off at her,” showrunner Jason Rothenberg tells TVLine. “They went to sleep and woke up 125 years later, but for them, it’s like waking up the next day. All of those wounds are really fresh and need to be grappled with.”

“The exciting thing about this season is there’s a whole kind of new adventure squad and a whole new group of people,” Bob Morley said during a recent visit to The 100’s Vancouver set. “Bellamy obviously has ties to Space Kru, but [when he’s] exploring this new planet he’s not too familiar with, there’s a bit of deliberation about who to take.”

The crew manages to put its tensions aside in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek of tonight’s premiere, though a whole new type of tension soon arises when the gang’s survival prospects begin to dwindle.

Hit PLAY on the video above for an exclusive first look at The 100’s Season 6 opener, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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