Arrow Recap: Roy Returns to Star City With One Craaazy-Ass Secret

Arrow Recap 7x20 Roy

This week on Arrow, Roy Harper returned to present-day Star City to help the team track Emiko. So… how is life going for Thea’s beau?

While we have seen Roy in the flash-forwards this season, this was the first time we have caught up with his present-day self since he, Thea and Nyssa left town about a year ago to track down and shut down remaining Lazarus Pits. Upon first reuniting with Oliver & Co., Roy shared that Thea is “good” and has “finally found her passion.” To date, he says, they have found two Lazarus Pits and are closing in on the last ones.

Way to bury the lead, bro.

Because toward episode’s end, by way of a bombshell drop that allllmost made the excruciating 40 minutes that preceded it worthwhile, we and Team Arrow learned the dark secret Roy was hiding from them.

The crux of the episode involved Dinah and Sgt. Bingsley’s interrogation of Team Arrow members, Roy included, about how two transit guards ended up dead at the location where they acted to stop Emiko from dispersing a deadly gas into the subway system HVAC. Dinah grilled her partners in vigilantism one by one… by one.. by onezzzzz… with each Q&A pointing suspicion at the next interviewee.

But, it turns out, the tale on which they “sold” Dinah, and thus Sgt. Bingsley and Mayor Pollard — that Emiko killed the guards — was bogus. They, Dinah included, were actually covering for Roy, whom they found at the end of the op beating the guards to a pulp with a pipe.

Why did Roy snap?

The better question, as Oliver asked his longtime friend, was: “When did you die?”

Yep, Roy apparently had been shot dead by a Thanatos Guild member’s arrow during the past year, after which Thea and Nyssa used a Lazarus Pit to resurrect him. But because of the trace mirakuru in his system, the lotus elixir didn’t completely quell his bloodlust.

Because Roy was and shall always be a Team Arrow member, Oliver insisted they cover up for him, while pinning Emiko — a murderer, for sure — as the killer.

What no one realized, however, was that it was neither Dinah nor Felicity who wiped clean the subway security cameras. Nope, Emiko had taken the damning footage and sent it to Bingsley. She happily revealed this to Oliver after luring Team Arrow to an Abandoned Building, explaining that her plan was for him to die a villain, as their father did, after she triggered bombs to drop the building on Team Arrow.

But before she did, Emiko also dropped this on Oliver; She could have saved Robert Queen from the Queen’s Gambit sinking, but decided he didn’t deserve to live. AND THEN BOOM!  The episode closed with Oliver, for one, pinned down by the exploded rubble.

What did you think of the Roy reveal (sheds light on his dour future, eh, and possible the nature of his rift with Thea), and Oliver’s decision to conceal his brutal murder of the guards?

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