HBO Go Feels Game of Thrones Fans' Wrath Due to Technical Difficulties

The Battle of Winterfell’s first victim was apparently the fidelity of an overwhelmed HBO Go.

Game of Thrones fans — especially those hailing from Latin America and Brazil — bombarded the streaming service on Sunday night as they laid their eyes not on dragons, dead armies and dire wolves, but error and “Loading…” screens, or a stream that intermittently froze up as if attacked by a white walker.

“Please DM us additional information on the difficulty you’re experiencing, if there is any error messages, the device its being experienced on, and any troubleshooting steps attempted for assistance,” @HBOGoHelp responded to many U.S.-based users’ complaints made via Twitter, while asking some to send along screen shots. Those outside the States were directed to contact the appropriate regional HBO Go support handle.

HBO Go has not specified any particular cause of the assorted issues, though it’s safe to speculate that the service was overwhelmed as fans of the epic saga tuned in for the expectedly bloody Battle of Winterfell episode (TVLine is detailing the body count here).

Game of Thrones opened its final season earlier this month with record viewership numbers, especially when it comes to the share of people viewing not the linear cable broadcast but by using HBO Go.

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