Game of Thrones: RIP, Beric Dondarrion

Game of Thrones Beric Dondarrion


FIRST EPISODE | Season 1, Episode 6, “A Golden Crown”

FINAL EPISODE | Season 8, Episode 3, “The Long Night”

HIGH POINTS | Forming and leading the Brotherhood Without Banners, wielding the coolest flame-covered sword in all of Westeros, getting resurrected by Thoros of Myr (six times!), joining up with Jon Snow in his battle against the white walkers.

LOW POINTS | Getting killed (six times!); selling out Gendry to Melisandre for a couple bags of gold; losing his friend Thoros and, therefore, his own ability to come back from the dead; being trapped on the Wall as the Night King and Viserion laid waste to it, though he and Tormund emerged unscathed.

CAUSE OF DEATH | Died valiantly in the castle halls during the Battle of Winterfell, after saving Arya’s life with a toss of his flaming sword. He was stabbed repeatedly by a barrage of wights, allowing Arya and the Hound to escape. (Seventh time wasn’t the charm, we guess.)

EPITAPH | Beric was a seasoned fighter and a philosophical sage who made the most of every minute of his six lives… and man, that flaming sword of his sure was cool.

Now it’s your turn. Hit the comments with your favorite Beric Dondarrion moments over the years, and then tell us which Game of Thrones character you fear/hope will fall next!