Game of Thrones Stars Say Tormund and Beric Don't Fear Dying in Battle: 'We Just Want the Good to Prevail'

Game of Thrones Season 8

For those fighting in Game of Thrones‘ Battle of Winterfell, the night will be dark and full of many, many terrors — but that doesn’t scare Tormund Giantsbane or Beric Dondarrion.

Of course, death isn’t exactly a new concept for Beric: He’s already perished and come back to life numerous times, courtesy of Thoros’ resurrections. But according to Thrones actor Richard Dormer, who portrays Beric, his character doesn’t fear dying for the last time, should the Night King’s army get the best of him.

“He’s ready,” Dormer tells TVLine in advance of Sunday’s episode (9/8c). “If it happens to him and he goes and finally meets the Red God, he’ll have a smile on his face, because he’ll know that he’s fulfilled his purpose.”

Kristofer Hivju, who plays Tormund on the HBO drama, echoes Dormer’s suggestion that these characters are emotionally prepared for whatever awaits them in battle.

“Tormund has been focused on the dead since he was a child and old enough to hear the stories,” Hivju says. “He’s grown up as a warrior… His life is fighting, and I think that gives him a kick, and he loves fighting because it’s part of his DNA.”

But according to Hivju, his alter ego is only interested in the battles fought with spears and shields. As for the strategic fight that’s currently underway for the Iron Throne? Tormund couldn’t care less — regardless of who’s left standing when the Battle of Winterfell ends.

“[Beric and Tormund] have no interest in the throne,” Hivju reveals. “We just want the good to prevail, that’s all… I don’t think Tormund has a belief in iron chairs or power. He believes in freedom.” (With reporting by Kimberly Roots)