Game of Thrones' Conleth Hill Warns: The Final Season's Biggest Threat Isn't the Army of the Dead

Game of Thrones Season 8 Varys Conleth Hill

Last we saw Game of Thrones‘ bald eunuch Varys, he was holed up in Winterfell as an army of undead soldiers closed in. But the actor playing him thinks there’s an even greater danger to Westeros out there… and she likes to sip wine and smirk.

In a conversation with TVLine’s Kimberly Roots, Thrones star Conleth Hill — who plays Varys on HBO’s fantasy epic — pegs none other than Queen Cersei Lannister as the true biggest threat in the final season. “There’s no talking to her… she’s the biggest threat to stability. Even at the end of [Season] 7, there seems to be a coming together of everyone but her.” Hill may have a point: While Cersei’s brothers Jaime and Tyrion and her sworn enemies Daenerys and Jon Snow are fighting off white walkers at Winterfell, Cersei is safely perched upon the Iron Throne at King’s Landing, with a Golden Company army behind her, ready to polish off whoever survives.

Varys has spent plenty of time at Cersei’s side offering counsel, and he is “frightened of her,” Hill admits, but more importantly, “he’s aware of how dangerous she is, and how bad she is.” But Varys has always been one of Thrones‘ most resourceful characters, and Hill hints that his network of “little birds” may still be flying out there somewhere, providing him with vital information: “For a while, [Varys] was in Meereen, [so] it wasn’t as strong a connection, but supposedly, he still did [have them], yeah.” Does a little bird stand a chance against a lion queen, though?

Will Varys survive this week’s Battle of Winterfell? And is Cersei actually more deadly than a thousand wights? Hit the comments and share your thoughts, Thrones fans.

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