The Resident Video: Devon Fights to Save a New Mom's Life — Is It Too Late?

It takes a lot to get a rise out of The Resident‘s Devon Pravesh. And if he’s angry enough to publicly scold you? Then you’ve really, really messed up.

TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek at Monday’s episode of the medical drama (Fox, 8/7c), in which Devon becomes increasingly frustrated at the lack of care that a new mother is receiving. In the video above, Devon takes a Chastain Park nurse to task for failing to check in on Lea Davies, who seems to be showing abnormal symptoms after giving birth via C-section.

“Why is it so difficult to look in on Ms. Davies? I need to make sure that she gets proper care,” Devon demands in the scene, only to be told by the nurse that Lea is getting the same level of attention as other patients.

Devon, of course, remains unconvinced — and when he pays another visit to Lea’s room, his concern only grows worse.

Elsewhere in Monday’s episode, Conrad will be tasked with breaking difficult news to Nic regarding Jessie’s worsening condition. Meanwhile, The Raptor, Mina and Kit spring into action when a mother and son enter the emergency room with devastating injuries.

Press PLAY above to view our sneak peek at Monday’s episode, then drop a comment with your thoughts.

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