Lucifer Returns: Everything You Need to Know About Netflix's Season 4 Binge

Lucifer Season 5 Spoilers

While it may have taken 10 months to get a premiere date for Lucifer Season 4 on Netflix, TVLine has regularly kept you posted on the latest casting news and release details, all whilst doling out curated teasers via my Inside Line column.

Now that a release date for all 10 episodes has been set — Wednesday, May 8 (in the States as well as the UK and globally) — and you’re gearing up for the most devilish of binges, we prepped a handy one-stop guide to everything we have reported thus far, with a few bakery-fresh teasers sprinkled in.

What makes Lucifer’s Netflix run especially “strong and gnarly”? Do the freedoms that come with streaming mean longer episodes as well as bared bums? Why did Netflix save the Fox castoff? And how can one catch up on Seasons 1 through 3? Enter the gallery above to get answers to all of that.

On the storyline front: What other surprise awaits Chloe, who already is having to deal with seeing Luci’s devil face? Which character is due to fall in love during Season 4? Who will face a huge life emergency? Who’s headed for a sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll-infused, downward spiral? And, perhaps most importantly, what will the arrival of Eve (aka the First Lady) get Lucifer to thinking about? Flip through our handy guide for those answers and much more.

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