Brooklyn 99 Video: Jake Convinces Amy to Work a Case for Their Anniversary (With a Little Help From The Go-Go's)

The following sneak peek from Thursday’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine (NBC, 9/8c) will make Peraltiago fans’ hearts sing… because there is actual singing involved.

Also found in the above video? The dirtiest “title of your sex tape” joke yet.

Returning after a two-week hiatus, B99 Season 6 resumes with an episode that finds Jake and Amy celebrating their anniversary at the hospital while standing guard over a comatose patient. It’s Jake who comes up with the idea to turn the potentially humdrum assignment into a “casecation” for him and his equally overworked wife, who agrees to stick around after getting Captain Holt’s approval. 

Jake and Amy aren’t the only cops present. Hitchcock and Scully are also on hand — but you’ll have to watch to find out why. (Let’s just say that Scully is, umm, “in his element.”)

Thursday’s episode welcomes special guest star Julia Sweeney. The Saturday Night Live vet (who recently co-starred opposite Aidy Bryant in Hulu’s Shrill) plays Pam, a patient with twisted bowels who gets very involved in Jake and Amy’s personal lives. “Julia is such an amazing comedian and actress,” series co-creator Dan Goor tells TVLine. “We were all so incredibly excited to work with her.”

Press PLAY on the sneak peek above, then hit the comments with your reactions!