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This Is Us EP: Randall and Beth Will Enter Season 4 Stronger Than Ever

This Is Us put Randall and Beth through the wringer in Season 3, and they will emerge a stronger couple as a result, promises co-showrunner Isaac Aptaker.

After weathering an 18-episode rough patch, during which the seemingly indestructible duo teetered dangerously close to breaking up before eventually reconciling in last week’s finale, Randall and Beth will head into Season 4 “an even better team,” Aptaker tells TVLine, adding, “By [surviving] this fight they’ve reached this new status-quo that’s hopefully a lot healthier, where Beth isn’t constantly swallowing a piece of herself to let Randall have these big dreams.”

As a result, “I’m excited to write them in Season 4 in a way where they’re even in a healthier and more equal place as partners,” the EP shares.

As fellow EP Elizabeth Berger previously revealed to TVLine, there was a heated “debate” in the writers’ room about whether Season 3’s tumult would make or break the Pearson power couple. But “ultimately we really do believe that this is a couple that would come through this kind of chapter,” she maintained. “It was really important for us to show that even the best of marriages [have] these difficult and horrible chapters, but you can walk through to the other side.”

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