Claws Gets Season 3 Premiere Date on TNT — Watch a Flashy New Teaser

Based on this first look at Season 3 of Claws… maybe crime does pay, huh?

Desna and her nail crew will be back in business on Sunday, June 9 at 9/8c, TNT announced today. And along with that long-awaited premiere date, they debuted a new Season 3 teaser — which you can watch above — where we see Desna, Jen, Polly, Ann and Virginia living the high life and flashing wads of cash. “We are gonna run Florida,” Desna declares as the pals take turns posing. (And since Virginia looks just fine here, we can safely assume she survived last season’s surprise shooting.)

Last season ended with Desna learning she’s the proud owner of a Harrah’s casino, and we see Uncle Daddy hitting the craps table hard, with Desna saying, “I didn’t choose the crime life… but I’m gonna win it.” We already know she and her girls are “ride or die” for each other, but Desna makes it clear that this season, she wants “more riding… less dying!”

“In Season 3, the ladies will quickly learn that the stakes couldn’t be higher in the casino world,” according to TNT’s official synopsis, “and Desna will take a gamble as she enters into business with a sinister couple, Mac and Melba.” Everybody, place your bets…

Press PLAY above for a sneak peek at the new season of Claws, and then hit the comments below with your Season 3 predictions.

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