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This Is Us Season Finale Mystery: Where the Heck Were Annie and Deja?

This Is Us

This Is Us fans were quick to put an APB out on the inexplicably MIA Miguel in the wake of Tuesday’s season ender, but what about Annie and Deja? Randall and Beth’s youngest daughters were also absent from the finale’s climactic flash-forward sequence. Even more worrisome, the pair weren’t even referenced — not by mom, dad or eldest sister Tess.

Exec producer Isaac Aptaker says viewers should absolutely be curious about the whereabouts of Annie and Deja. But concerned? Nah.

“You should be wondering where they are, but not fearing the worst,” the EP assures TVLine, before adding with a laugh, “I hope that people know our show [well] enough to know that we’re not going to just gratuitously kill off small girls.”

As Aptaker previously explained to TVLine, a great deal of thought goes into who (and what) to show — and not show — in the future interludes. “We’re very careful in the future about what little pieces we [dole out],” he noted. “If you have all of the answers it’s not quite as exciting to watch.”

Aptaker, meanwhile, was far less reassuring about the fate of the aforementioned Miguel, cryptically telling TVLine, “What happened to Miguel and where he is in the future is a bit of a longer-term mystery for the show.”

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