Good Trouble Boss Talks Dennis' Fate, Callie and Mariana's Finale Dilemmas

Good Trouble Spoilers

Good Trouble took viewers by surprise last week when Dennis left a potentially suicidal voicemail on his ex-wife’s cell. But what exactly happened after that emotional phone call is “definitely intended to be a mystery and a cliffhanger,” executive Joanna Johnson says, adding that the audience is “meant to be pretty worried about him.”

Most of the other residents of The Coterie, however, are not aware of Dennis’ message, going into Tuesday’s Season 1 finale (Freeform, 8/7c). “I think people are used to not seeing Dennis for a few days, and I don’t think they’re really missing him necessarily yet,” Johnson explains. But because Davia knows that Dennis lost a child and is going through a divorce, not to mention the fact that she heard his potential last words, she “is far more freaked out than anybody else.”

The storyline shows “how really invested Davia is in Dennis, and that they do have this very special relationship,” Johnson adds.

Elsewhere in the season ender, Mariana gets the opportunity “to have her own team and develop her own app,” Johnson previews, “but she’s caught in sort of a bind because she’s also started this women-in-tech ‘fight club,’ and she’s obligated and invested in making sure that they’re closing the gender and race pay gap.” As a result, she says, Mariana is faced with a dilemma: “‘Do I just gotta save myself, because now I’m getting an opportunity? Or do I stick with women in solidarity?'”

Meanwhile, Callie’s got two big decisions of her own to make, including a very crucial one at work. “She’s really torn between the letter of the law and the ethics of her clerkship, and the fact that she really wants to see justice for Jamal and for Malika and for Sandra, Jamal’s mother,” Johnson shares. Then there’s Callie’s other big choice: hunky artist Gael, or handsome lawyer Jamie? (Tough life!) “She’s also torn between these two men, who represent very different parts of herself and very different people and paths for her life.”

Good Trouble fans, what do you think Callie and Mariana should do? Sound off in the comments!

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