Shadowhunters Recap: Alec's Fight to Save Magnus Ends With Another Twist

Shadowhunters Recap

Monday’s episode of Shadowhunters found our heroes turning to their most powerful nemeses for help in their darkest hours.

Despite the hour opening with a romantic “Malec” scene, complete with twirly dancing and promises of crepes, Magnus remained very much on death’s door this week. (That dream sequence fake-out was the cruelest April Fools’ Day prank I can imagine.) Alec learned that the person who gave Magnus his magic was the only one capable of reversing the damage, so he paid a visit to Lorenzo Ray, who wasn’t exactly eager to lend a hand. The petty warlock launched into a whiney tirade about how Magnus was born with a silver spoon in his mouth (duh) and doesn’t deserve any of his gifts (so?), forcing Alec to literally beg for his help. (Desperation really was the name of the game this week.)

Lorenzo eventually agreed to rescind Magnus’ magic, saving his life in the process, but the former High Warlock of Brooklyn wasn’t thrilled about reverting back to a mortal. What’s more, he was sure that Alec wouldn’t love him the same way without his powers. Fortunately for Magnus, it’s not his magic that Alec’s after — and he got a special engagement ring from Maryse to prove it!

In less romantic news, Clary realized she needed Lilith’s help to remove the rune binding her to Jonathan, so she summoned the Queen of Hell for a little chat. What Clary didn’t know, however, was that Jonathan was also arranging a meeting with his estranged mother — he planned to offer her head to the Seelie Queen in exchange for the Morningstar Blade — and wasn’t too pleased when she suddenly vanished.

Before Jonathan interrupted the interrogation, Lilith revealed that Michael broke his tie to Lucifer by piercing him with a sword named Glorious, which was imbued with heavenly fire and possessed the power to purge demonic energy. Unfortunately, the sword has since been destroyed, so before Lilith returned to Edom (this time with Cain by her side for protection), she declared, “There’s no hope for you, Clary Fairchild.” Rude.

Despite this chilly statement, Clary was able to capture Jonathan and confine him to a cell, where they can keep an eye on him while they figure out this whole “heavenly fire” business. (Shocker: The Clave knows more than it’s letting on!)

Elsewhere this week…

* Simon and Izzy began the episode talking about how this whole “love thing” isn’t for them — even pinky swearing to stay “single for life” — but when Jonathan had Izzy in his clutches, Simon launched into full-on hero mode, biting Jonathan’s neck and suffering the effects of his dark blood.

* And it looks like there will be life after lock-up for Luke, who’s having all charges against him dropped… so long as he promises to answer to Praetor Lupus from now on.

Your thoughts on this week’s Shadowhunters? Lilith’s return? The impending “Malec” proposal? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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