Legacies Finale: How Will Josie and Lizzie Handle That Merge Bombshell?

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Those Triad goons couldn’t have picked a less convenient time to attack the Salvatore School on tonight’s Legacies finale (The CW, 9/8c). Don’t they know the Saltzmans are in the midst of a family crisis?

Seriously, how are Lizzie and Josie expected to defend their father’s institution when they’ve barely had time to process the news that they’re cursed to fight each other for survival on their 22nd birthday? Series creator Julie Plec says that learning the truth about the merge (via Alaric… via Penelope) has set the girls on an entirely new path — whether they’re ready or not.

“They’re finally going to get an understanding of the bloodline they come from,” Plec tells TVLine. “They’ve always known from Alaric that [the bloodline] is filled with psychopaths, but now they really need to understand the history of the coven, especially where it went wrong.”

As for the twins’ ever-shifting dynamic, which included a full-on supernatural showdown in last week’s episode, Plec says that Lizzie is about to go into panic mode: “The biggest shock for Lizzie in that moment was realizing that her sister, if they were pitted against each other today, would probably kick her ass. That will scare her and will make her realize that she’s been coasting as the alpha of that relationship. It’s no longer something she can take for granted.”

Plec believes it will ultimately be a question of “which twin is willing to give herself up for the other, more so than which twin would defeat the other. That’s the road they’ll end up going down, sacrifice more so than victory.”

How do you feel about Legacies‘ merge storyline? Do you think Alaric and Caroline will be able to find a loophole? And if not, who’s the more powerful twin? Drop a comment with all of your thoughts about Lizzie and Josie below.

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