Parks and Recreation Boss on Potential Revival: 'We'd Only Do It If... '

Parks and Recreation Revival

Parks and Recreation co-creator Mike Schur isn’t ruling out a return to Pawnee — but he would have some conditions before signing off on a potential revival.

“I think that in the world that we live in now, nothing is ever gone,” Schur said at a PaleyFest panel for the show’s 10th anniversary on Thursday evening. Sitting alongside the entire cast, Schur added, “Everyone on this stage — and like six other people — would have to feel like there was a story that needed to be told.

“There was nothing I loved more than working on the show. I would never ever say never,” Schur continued. “The chance to do it again, should it arise, would be incredible. But I think we’d only do it if we all felt like there was some compelling reason to do it. … [Each cast member] would have a veto. If one single person says, ‘No,’ we wouldn’t do it.”

Schur went on to note, however, that the NBC comedy served its purpose, noting that Parks and Rec “had an argument to make, and the argument was about teamwork and friendship and being optimistic and…believing in the power of public service and that if you work hard and put your head down and believe in the people around you who are part of your team, that good things are possible. I don’t feel like we left anything on the table. I feel like the show made its argument.”

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