Gotham and Arrowverse Share Yet Another Character, With Walker Reveal — Plus, Whose Back Did Bane Break?

Gotham Nyssa Al Ghul

The synopsis for this week’s episode of Fox’s Gotham said that Gordon and Bruce — after coming face-to-face with a newly transformed Bane fka Eduardo Dorrance — would discover the real mastermind behind the city’s current state of chaos.

And when they said the “real” mastermind, they didn’t just mean Secretary Walker (played by Defiance‘s Jaime Murray). They meant who Walker really is, and the reveal had us waiting with bated breath.

No sooner a general arrived in town near-ready to pull the trigger on reunification, a well-orchestrated assault created havoc, during which Jim and Bruce got abducted. Coming to at a new location, Jim got the 411 from Bane on how Eduardo become this well-accessorized “something else.” When Walker arrived with Bruce in tow, she ordered Bane to begin whaling on Jim, unless Bruce says a certain name.

Bruce (and we) were confused, leaving Jim to suffer blow after blow from beefy, breathy Bane. But before Bane could uncork a finishing move, it dawned on Bruce who he might have taken from Walker’s life.

“Ra’s al Ghul.”


Yep, Walker is one of the Demon Head’s daughters — Nyssa al Ghul (who happened to resurface on Arrow this week, played on the CW series by Katrina Law). In the wake of that reveal… well, draw your own Dark Knight Rises comparisons.

“The League of Shadows is everywhere” and there is no reason their mission should die with Ra’s, Nyssa said. Rather, “Humankind shall be purged of weakness.”

“I don’t have anything left, just my father’s mission,” she said to Bruce, explaining that Bane wants Jim to join them in that endeavor. After all, the police captain might not have a hometown for much longer, due to a secret government proviso which says that if a city such as Gotham is determined to be “irretrievably lost,” the military may “reduce it to rubble” — and by episode’s end, the general had launched just such a bombing run!

One way or another, Nyssa sees no happy ending for young master Wayne (or fellow Ra’s-stabber Barbara, who had just birthed a daughter, for that matter). “I want you to suffer… and then I want you to die,” she told Bruce.

If the Nyssa reveal and birth of a young Gordon girl didn’t deliver enough fodder for the DC comics fans, Bane also broke someone’s back, as he infamously does to Batman on the pages (and in TDKR). Except in this scenario, it was Alfred whose spine was cracked against a lamp pole by the behemoth, leaving Bruce’s manservant to slump to the pavement beside a horrified Selina.

What did you think of Gotham‘s eventful antepenultimate episode? (The final two hours air April 18 and 25.)

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