The Flash Recap: Grace Under Pressure — Plus, Did Nora Finally 'Fess Up?

Flash Recap Nora Secret Revealed

This week on The Flash, as Eobard urged Nora to reveal their alliance to Team Flash, the new Cicada eliminated an obstacle to her meta-murdering agenda.

When Orlin comes to in the remote cabin to which “Cicada 2” whisked him, Grace reveals herself to her uncle, who quickly surmises she is from the future: “I came back here to work with you again.” As Orlin continues to recuperate/enjoys them noodles in the pantry, Grace heads to the SCPD to steal the case file for the explosion that led to her parents’ death. After Barry detects which analog file went missing, he has Cisco vibe the ATM at the scene of the meta attack. Cisco sees a meta accessing the ATM, after which Grace’s parents went up the machine just as it went haywire and exploded — all as their li’l daughter looked on in horror.

Orlin, now kinder and gentler with the dark matter cured out of him, questions Grace’s agenda. She explains that in her future time, metas are an “unchecked plague,” and as such she is resolved to continuing “our” mission, to kill each and every one of ’em.  Using charred dark matter from the case file, Grace tracks down the meta she holds responsible — Vicki Bolan, now a mild-mannered soccer mom — to a kiddie party. Following the same lead, Barry and Nora change into “cosplayers” The Flash and XS to rush the rugrats out of harm’s way. When Grace promptly pwns the Allens, Vicki intervenes with a sonic soccer ball, KOing the baddie but slightly injuring her own daughter in the process.

Back at the cabin, Orlin argues to Grace that her parents’ deaths were obviously an accident. Grace, though, coldly shoves him aside as she sets out to make Vicki pay. After showing up outside the hospital and hurling a dagger that chases Nora (who is carrying poor, poor Vicki) up and down the streets of Central City, Grace holds Vicki’s husband at knifepoint. Barry tries to talk some sense into her, but winds up pinned down by the power-dampening meta. Orlin then shows up and appeals to his daughter to end her vendetta before it’s too late. Thing is, it’s already too late, she remarks while summoning a dagger that lands in her uncle’s back.

After Grace flies away, Team Flash convenes at STAR Labs, where Nora continues to struggle to come clean, as urged to by Eobard, about her 2049 alliance with the sinister speedster. Sherloque, having fully translated Nora’s largely banal diary and also identified some of the handwriting as Thawne’s, steps forward to out her once and for all, detailing how she was coached to disrupt the timeline when she did — by he who is known as Reverse-Flash. Everyone and anyone is duly gobsmacked — especially Barry, who throws his daughter into the pipeline before she can utter a word of explanation.

“Dad, I’m sorry I lied to you!”

“So am I.”

Elsewhere this week:

*As reference, Eobard in 2049 was surprised to see that Nora’s adjustments to the timeline didn’t stop the Cicada threat. Now that it’s “too late,” with his clock ticking down, he said there was only one thing left for “little runner” to do: “Tell your father… everything.”

*Speaking of Thawne, Team Flash deduced that Future Grace traveled through time using his time sphere, after stealing it from the “Starchive.”

*In a video file that Sherloque found hidden in Thawne’s wheelchair, we saw Eobard talk of how the multiverse has a “source code” that he found a way to hack, allowing his memory to remain intact despite timeline changes.

*When Caitlin returned from off-screenville at episode’s end, she surmised that Grace has a magnitude of power that let her manipulate the dark matter in metas. She also shares a psychic connection with Nora.

*As Cisco and Kamilla went social-media official with their relationship, Ralph nudged his buddy to introduce his girlfriend to the team. When Ralph then went so far as to “Peter Parker” Kamilla by getting her a shutterbug gig at the Citizen, Cisco made clear that he needs this new, “normal” part of his life to remains separate from the dangerous superhero stuff.

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