Christine Baranski Cast as Melania's (Alleged) Body Double On Colbert


FLOTUS put up a not-so-good fight attempting to convince Late Show host Stephen Colbert that she hasn’t been using body doubles for public appearances.

Tony Award winner Laura Benanti reprised her role as Melania Trump on Friday’s episode, where she tried (and failed) to put to rest the online conspiracy theory that she has employed an impersonator to accompany her husband Donald during recent travels. At one point, Colbert offended Melania, only for her to return a completely different person, now played by Good Fight star/fellow Tony winner Christine Baranski.

“It’s me, the first and only First Lady,” Baranski’s Melania declared. “You can’t get rid of me no matter how hard I try.”

When Colbert acknowledged the sudden change in her appearance, Melania snapped back. “Just like the media to focus on my appearance, instead of all the important work that I do,” she said.

“Why would anyone impersonate Melania Trump, especially after someone else already made that role her own?” she asked, cheekily referring to Benanti. “It would take some kind of two-time Tony-winning actor to pull that off.” And that’s when Baranski picked up her two trophies for her work on Broadway.

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