Good Fight Season 3 Premiere Recap: The Force Is Strong With This One

The Good Fight Season 3 Premiere

In the opening minutes of The Good Fight‘s superbly audacious Season 3 premiere on CBS All Access, Kurt attempts to derail the self-sabotage train careening through Diane’s happy brain by assuring his bride, “Everything’s gonna be alright.” He then naively asks, “What could go wrong?” The universe wastes no time responding to that question by unloading on Christine Baranski’s freshly jinxed, Trump-hating legal eagle a dumpster fire of fresh hell. Let’s sort through all the mishegoss.

TRUMP X 2 | After discovering strands of blonde hair on the collar of Kurt’s hunting jacket, Diane confronts the hubs and accuses him of cheating on her. But it’s not what she thinks. It’s worse. Much worse. Kurt confesses that he was hired by Eric Trump and Don Jr. to go hunting; the hair on the jacket belonged to the former. Adding insult to injury, Kurt has agreed to take the unapologetic trophy hunters on a multi-day safari. “I’m doing it because they pay me, not because I like them,” Kurt argues. That’s little comfort to Diane, who responds by literally banging her head against a door a half-dozen times before setting out to exact her revenge against the person she views as the real enemy: Don and Eric’s Oval Office-occupying dad. And she does this by picking up a certain dangling Season 2 thread involving POTUS, a mistress and a paid abortion and quietly handing it to the press.

ME TOO X 2 | In the process of procuring assets for a legacy video for the Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart rudderless corporate site, Diane and Adrian learn (via Marissa and Jay) that the firm’s much-revered founder, Carl Reddick, raped his secretary Cynthia (played by I’ll Fly Away‘s incomparable Regina Taylor) over a 15-year period. And she wasn’t his only victim. RB&L’s resident stenographer is also alleging that the legal icon assaulted her, throwing the company into crisis and forcing Liz to come to terms with the fact that dear ol’ dad was a sexual predator while simultaneously taking the lead on buying his victims’ silence. She mostly succeeds with the latter, but not so much with the former. In any event, the scandal appears to be squashed. For now.

A few choice sidebars…

♦ “The One About the Recent Troubles” treated us to another super-clever, gloriously random Good Fight short, this one functioning as a pseudo-primer for a non-disclosure agreement.
♦ Co-creator Robert King is an exemplary writer. But this brilliantly paced episode confirmed what I have long suspected: He’s an even better director.
♦ Audra McDonald absolutely crushed it as Liz struggled to make peace with her dad’s monstrous past. She’s the episode’s MVP.
♦ The show continues to struggle with how to make the best use of Rose Leslie, as evidenced by the throwaway and too-goofy-for-its-own-good “Jedi mind trick” subplot involving Maia.

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