Project Runway All Stars Recap: Whose Ball Gown Wasn't Fit to Be Thai'd?

Project Runway All Stars Recap

Royal fever swept Wednesday’s Project Runway All Stars, which tasked the remaining five designers with creating ball gowns using luxurious silks. To elevate this experience, the challenge was presented by special guest judge Nina Garcia, a longtime member of Runway’s royal court.

And while tensions certainly ran high this week, the outcome was fairly predictable. From the moment the challenge was announced, Irina Shabayeva’s fellow contestants projected that she would win, given her extensive gown-designing experience. And even though she did come out on top with her “dynamite” design — a modern, sexier version of a ball gown that would be more suited for a young royal — she didn’t appreciate everyone assuming that the win would come easily to her, like she didn’t need to work hard for it. (I sure hope someone on the plane plays the world’s tiniest violin for Irina during her all-expenses-paid trip to Thailand.)

Meanwhile, Dmitry Sholokhov’s Downton Abbey-approved black-and-floral dress earned him a spot in the “safe” zone this week, as did Evan Biddell’s red pleated number. (For what it’s worth, the judges said Evan’s design nearly earned him the win over Irina.)

That leaves us with this week’s bottom two: Michelle Lesniak and Anthony Ryan Auld, both of whom made Isaac Mizrahi “mad” with their haphazard nonsense gowns. Michelle immediately regretted the colors she picked up at Mood (Anthony Ryan likened them to Starburst flavors), and even though she felt the finished product was somewhat “charming,” she didn’t like the way it moved — nor did the judges, who agreed it wasn’t an appropriate outfit for a royal ball. As for Anthony’s feathery ensemble, the judges called it “sad” and “awkward,” with Isaac straight-up saying he didn’t understand it.

“I have mentally prepared to go home,” Anthony Ryan said at the top of the hour, which was good, because he was indeed the designer eliminated this week.

Do you think he should have been the one sent packing, or would you have kept him over Michelle? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.