Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 Trailer: Is Joel Ready to Become a Zombie?

Marriages are all about compromise… like when one spouse is not a flesh-eating zombie back from the dead, and the other one, well, is.

In a new Season 3 trailer for Netflix’s gleefully gory dark comedy Santa Clarita Diet, Drew Barrymore’s Sheila is still chowing down on humans left and right, including a new Nazi neighbor who looks like “a walking protein shake” to her. (“I want to be about more than just eating people,” she insists… “but I also really enjoy people.”) Her husband Joel (Timothy Olyphant) is still not a zombie, though — and Sheila’s looking to change that. “We can spend eternity together if you let me bite you.” she playfully suggests… although Joel doesn’t look entirely convinced.

Season 3 — set to debut Friday, March 29 on the streamer — also features Joel getting tied up and stabbed in the chest; Sheila sinking her teeth into a men’s rights activist; a mean-looking guy ambushing Joel and Sheila with a crossbow; and some kind of pet known as a “mutant spider ball”? Yeah, you’re just gonna have to see that one for yourself.

Press PLAY on the video above for a sneak peek at Season 3 of Santa Clarita Diet, and then hit the comments and share your first impressions. 

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