Supergirl Recap: Did the Brewing Civil War Just Claim One of the Good Guys?

Supergirl Recap

Kara & Co. took their fight for justice to the streets on Sunday’s Supergirl, laying down their weapons and armor in favor of protest signs and sensible footwear.

Following yet another attempt on Ben Lockwood’s life — courtesy of Manchester’s Elite, naturally — the nation’s newly appointed Director of Alien Affairs announced his plan to repeal the Alien Amnesty Act, inspiring Brainy to go full-on hacktivist (code name: #AmericanAlien) and organize a peaceful counter demonstration. Kara initially thought she should patrol the march rather than join as a protestor, but after an eye-opening chat with one of Lockwood’s misguided associates (Mean Girls‘ Jonathan Bennett!), Kara knew she had to stand alongside her people.

Though the DEO (via Supergirl) had Menagerie under lock and key, the remaining members of the Elite infiltrated the Fortress of Solitude, where Dreamer got to practice her heroic catchphrases. (For the record, “yield or die” is a no-go.) While she and Kara tag teamed the Morae, J’onn faced off against Manchester, who gave up his own life to avoid capture… or so we thought! As The Hat later exposited, “We really tricked them into thinking you walked into that sun-eater room!”

As expected, #AmericanAlien’s march hit a pretty significant snag, though not through any fault of Brainy’s. With tensions already running high between the Children of Liberty and the alien protestors, Manchester crashed the party with an army of murderous, super-powered clones, escalating the situation to dangerously chaotic levels. Despite that mess, the march successfully protected the Alien Amnesty Act, resulting in a happy ending for everyone.

Well, almost everyone. The episode ended with James receiving a phone call at CatCo, but before he could answer it, he was shot in the back by an unknown assailant. I have to imagine he’ll survive the attack, but that final shot of him bleeding out on the floor of his office was disturbing nonetheless.

Also worth discussing…

* James asked Eve to look into L-Corp’s “black budget,” though she was quick to offer an explanation that (kind of, sort of) eased his concerns. Have you ever heard a less convincing “I promise, we’re one of the good guys!” in all your life? Also, trying to blame James’ suspicions on him and Lena going through a “rough patch.” Weak.

* When Supergirl arrived at the march and clarified that she was there as “Kara Zor-El, citizen of Earth,” did she forget that everyone around her has ears? It’s bad enough that her entire disguise hinges around wearing a pair of glasses, but now she’s also giving out the same first name she uses for her human alias? At this point, she wants people to find her out.

Your thoughts on this week’s Supergirl? Are you worried about James? Excited for Lex Luthor? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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