God Friended Me's Violett Beane Teases Cara and Miles' 'Awkward' First Date

God Friended Me Spoilers

On this Sunday’s God Friended Me (CBS, 8/7c), Miles and Cara embark on their first official date. But what should be an easygoing, romantic evening gets off to a rocky start for the pals.

“It might be a little bit more difficult to take that next step than they thought it would be,” star Violett Beane explains to TVLine.

As the actress points out, it’s not uncommon for friends to have a rough time transitioning into something more after they’ve developed a strong platonic bond. “I feel like I’ve experienced this in my life… where you’re friends with someone and you’re interested in them, but you don’t really know how to take that next step,” Beane says. “I think a lot of times, people fear they might have put themselves in the friend zone, and then they can’t take that next step, and as much as they both want to, it kind of is a little bit awkward.”

Even though they’ve always had chemistry, “that sort of happens with Cara and Miles,” Beane teases. So when the pair find themselves making stilted small talk at an Italian restaurant, “they look to their friends, Parker and Rakesh, to help them through it.”

In the meantime, Cara and Miles set out to help the God account’s latest friend suggestion: a sous chef (The Magicians‘ Stella Maeve) who dreams of opening up her own restaurant. Elsewhere in the episode, “Ali and Miles are concerned that the Diocese sent Rev. Carver (Friday Night Lights‘ Gaius Charles) to replace Arthur, and Rakesh gets closer to Simon Hayes,” per the official synopsis.

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