The Resident Sneak Peek: Will Conrad Convince Dr. Bell to Quit QuoVadis?

Randolph Bell might be the best surgeon at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital, but Conrad Hawkins will be the one twisting the knife on Monday’s episode of The Resident.

TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek at the hour (Fox, 8/7c), in which Conrad tasks Dr. Bell to task for staying in business with QuoVadis, especially after one of the company’s devices nearly stopped Henry Barnett’s young heart for good.

In the video above, Bell tries to assure Conrad that he’s putting patients ahead of profits — until he’s interrupted by a phone call that suggests otherwise.

Last month, series co-creator Amy Holden Jones teased that The Resident‘s QuoVadis storyline “will be taken care of before the end of this season,” though she warned that “everybody is in danger” as the Chastain Park docs attempt to take down Gordon Page’s company.

Elsewhere in Monday’s episode, Bell, AJ and Conrad will work to save the life of Simon, Chastain Park’s favorite custodian (played by Pitch‘s Dan Lauria). Meanwhile, one of Alec’s former patients ends up in the emergency room, prompting Alec to question if he made the right choice to leave his old practice for Nic’s clinic.

Watch our sneak peek at Episode 16 above, then drop a comment below with your thoughts!

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