Supergirl Recap: An 'Elite' New Threat Forces One Hero Out of Retirement

Supergirl Recap

Manchester Black assembled a fearsome foursome on Sunday’s Supergirl, prompting Kara to build a junior Justice League of her own — even if it meant one fighter breaking his vow of pacifism.

Fresh out of captivity, Manchester and his Elite wasted no time spreading their signature brand of terror throughout National City, beginning by murdering 13 soldiers and sharing the video to social media. (“Like and subscribe!”) Determined to uphold his vow of pacifism, J’onn could feel himself being baited into the fight, with Kara encouraging him to join the fray.

Nia prepared for battle by training at the Fortress of Solitude, where she also hoped to learn more about her powers. When Brainy refused to tell her anything about her descendants — you know, just in case it could destroy the space-time continuum and whatnot — she turned to Kelex for answers. And that little robot butler had a lot to say. (At least I assume so. All of the interesting stuff happened off-camera for some reason.)

The eventual showdown between Manchester’s Elite and Kara’s “super friends” came just as the United States government was set to launch an anti-alien satellite into orbit, the perfect occasion for such an epic brawl. Not only did we get to see Dreamer use her newly acquired powers to take out one of Manchester’s henchmen, but Brainy even found extra time to brag about building her suit, which harnesses raw dream energy. (“So, yes, it’s rad.”) Supergirl was also able to thwart Manchester’s explosive plans for the satellite, but the Elite remain a very real threat.

This battle turned out to be the final straw for Alex, who went to directly to Lena with her concerns about the government’s plans for L Corp’s research. After confirming that the president acted of his own accord by attempting to launch the satellite, Alex volunteered to be Lena’s inside woman should things so south.

But even in victory, Team Supergirl faced a few setbacks: Not only was Brainy’s Legion Ring stolen, but the president chewed the Girl of Steel out for destroying his satellite. In fact, the POTUS was so PO’d that he appointed Ben Lockwood to Director of Alien Affairs.

Also worth discussing…

* I really enjoyed the Fortress of Solitude scenes. In fact, part of me wants the show to do away with the DEO set entirely, establishing the Fortress as Supergirl’s new home base.

* Friendly reminder: Lex Luthor arrives in National City on March 17!

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