Legacies Recap: Mystic Falls' Got Talent (Plus, a New Love Triangle Is Born)

Legacies Recap

The halls were alive with the sound of music on Thursday’s Legacies, as the students of the Salvatore School took “young and gifted” to a whole new level.

The episode gave us a front row seat to another of the school’s many time-honored traditions, the annual talent show, of which Alaric Saltzman is not a fan. (“If I have to hear someone singing how many minutes there are in a year one more time, I’m going to throw myself to the unicorn.”) Oh, wait, did I forget to mention the unicorn? The trap that Hope and Lizzie set to capture the next Malivore monster snagged a freakin’ unicorn, which didn’t seem like a big deal… until it was revealed to be a supernatural Trojan horse hosting an army of mind-altering parasites.

To give you an idea of just how mind-altering these little “slugs” were, just watch this clip of Hope asking Landon to join her for a talent show duet. Honestly, this couldn’t be less on-brand for the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson:

The Saltzman Twins also exhibited some uncharacteristic behavior this week, though it wasn’t entirely the slugs’ fault. Back from Europe with a renewed desire to live as cloud-like as possible, “drifting above a sea of drama,” Lizzie spelled one of her bracelets to give her a little zap every time she said something mean — which became super helpful when electricity was discovered to be the parasite’s only weakness. Well, electricity and a good stomping.

With their inhibitions temporarily lowered, the students got up to all sorts of shenanigans, both on and off the stage. First, Hope got super flirty with Rafael, who in turn expressed his feelings in the form of a spoken-word poem. (Sample line: “I can’t believe what I’m feeling, since the moment you danced with me.”) Josie then hijacked Lizzie’s position as Head Witch in Charge, ultimately stealing the show with an inspiring performance worthy of any High School Musical movie. And Kaleb led his fellow vampires in a high-energy rendition of “Feeling Good.” (Actually, there was nothing unusual about that last one. It was just great.)

So, where was Alaric while his school was being ravaged by supernatural parasites? In a glorious return to form, he was off playing hooky with Emma, his new drinking buddy. (I guess Damon is too busy helping Elena raise their children to also raise a glass with his old BFF.) When their game of “Truth or Shot” took a flirty turn, Alaric seized the opportunity to ask Emma on a date, only to learn that his work crush is already boo’d up… with Dorian of all people! (Actually, I don’t know why I’m so surprised. Are there any other age-appropriate options for Emma on this show?) Thus, a new Legacies love triangle was born, one that became far more complicated when Emma stole a scandalous kiss before returning to campus with Alaric. #BlameItOnTheSlug

Though order was eventually restored, a slug’s work is never done. One last little bugger wormed his way (so to speak) into Alaric’s nightcap, causing him to toss the urn off a bridge — where I imagine the next Malivore monster will gladly retrieve it.

BREAKING NEWS: While Thursday’s episode was airing on the East Coast, The CW released a synopsis for Legacies‘ March 14 episode, which not only includes a Miss Mystic Falls pageant, but also brings back Hope’s Originals ex-boyfriend Roman (played by Jedidiah Goodacre). Go on, start gasping!

Your thoughts on Legacies‘ latest developments, including the (somewhat) unexpected Alaric-Emma-Dorian love triangle? Did you enjoy Josie and Penelope’s brief turn as an evil power couple? And what did you think of those talent show performances? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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