Project Runway All Stars Recap: Whose 'Hackneyed' Look Just Couldn't Cut It?

Project Runway All Stars Recap

You know the right designer was sent home when their only defense is: “I really don’t think that my outfit today was that bad.” (Oh, but it was. It really was.)

Wednesday’s episode of Project Runway All Stars sent the season’s remaining eight designers to JC Penney to “shop for three different daytime separates and transform them into one sensational nighttime look.” Unfortunately, two of those elements — specifically “sensational” and “nighttime” — were missing from Cynthia Hayashi‘s final presentation.

“The vest is a little frumpy,” guest judge Vanessa Williams said in her critiques. “It’s a little matronly.” And she wasn’t wrong. In fact, the panel was so collectively opposed to the jeans-turned-vest that Cynthia’s model was asked to remove it, allowing the judges to see (and trash) the dress underneath. Georgina Chapman imagined a secretary wearing it in a movie from the ’60s or ’70s.

The judges were clearly gunning for Cynthia’s look from the moment it hit the runway, but I was also bracing for Christina Exie to get the boot, considering Williams straight-up told her that she “wouldn’t be caught dead” in those dance-ready bellbottoms. (In an alternate universe, the headline of this article would have been “Project Runway All Stars Recap: For Whom Did the Bellbottoms Toll?” and I would have been very OK with that.)

But just as the writing was on the wall for Cynthia during the judges’ critiques, it was also clear that Evan Biddell’s look was going to earn him his first win of the season — and it did! The panel loved his modern-yet-retro frock, which ended up looking far more expensive than the metallic pants, crushed velvet and army jacket he used to construct it.

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Which of the remaining seven designers are you rooting for, and which do you think actually stands a chance? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.