Good Trouble EP Teases Callie's Gael Dilemma, Mariana's 'Sexy' Episode

Good Trouble‘s Callie and her sexy neighbor Gael have already admitted that their feelings for each other aren’t entirely casual. So will the time come when the pair will have to either become exclusive or break things off?

“Those conversations are definitely had,” executive producer Bradley Bredeweg says. “And as Callie’s work life gets more and more intense, especially with the Jamal case, she really puts a lot of pressure on herself to possibly have to make a decision.”

“That’s something that we all find ourselves experiencing in life, whether it’s in our twenties or even later in life,” the EP continues. “What’s more important: work [or] personal life? That becomes a question, I think, in almost anyone’s journey, and Callie is smack dab in the middle of it.”

Plus, both Callie and Gael are seeing other people — Jamie and Bryan, respectively — which further complicates the situation. However, Gael’s “feelings for Callie are always at a high, and sometimes with Bryan, it can fluctuate,” actor  Tommy Martinez (aka Gael) shares.

Good Trouble SpoilersMeanwhile, Mariana’s love life also takes a turn when she, Davia, Malika and Alice set up dates for each other in next Tuesday’s installment (Freeform, 8/7c). “Episode 7, for Mariana, is super sexy and really exciting,” Bredeweg teases.

Good Trouble fans, are you rooting for Callie and Gael? And are you excited to see Mariana’s personal life heat up?

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