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Kim Possible Star on That Big Twist, Possible Sequel — Grade the Movie

Kim Possible Movie

Disney Channel on Friday introduced a new generation of viewers to Kim Possible, a teen action hero who effortlessly juggles saving the world and maintaining a flawless report card. (See, students of Riverdale? It can be done!)

Essentially playing out as a 90-minute episode — complete with Christina Milian’s iconic theme song — the live-action movie found Kim (played by Sadie Stanley) and sidekick Ron (Sean Giambrone) foiling yet another of Dr. Drakken (Todd Stashwick) and Shego’s (Taylor Ortega) plans for world domination.

Christy Carlson Romano, who voiced Kim in the animated series, even made a cameo as a pop star indebted to the teen heroine. If you watched the show, you’ll recall that Kim often had to cash in favors with people she previously saved, making this a brilliant way of including the original Kim.

We were also introduced to a completely new character named Athena (Ciara Riley Wilson), a new student that Kim and Ron took under their collective wing… only to later discover that she was a robot programmed by Dr. Drakken to beat Kim at her own game. Despite their inherent rivalry, the girls were eventually able to find common ground, with Athena joining Team Possible as an official member.

“I loved that whole Athena storyline” Stanley tells TVLine, adding that even though Kim “didn’t exactly handle it the best way” at first, her ability to reassess the situation proved just how mature the character is.

The movie ended with a much younger Dr. Drakken infiltrating Kim and Ron’s school, leaving the door open to a potential sequel. Though no plans for an additional movie — or full-blown TV spinoff, for that matter — have been announced, Stanley is hoping to slip back into Kim’s iconic duds as soon as… possible.

“We’d all definitely like it to continue it in some way, whether it’s with a TV show or another movie,” Stanley tells TVLine. “There’s just so much to work with in terms of the villains and the world and all that.” (Along with Dr. Drakken, Shego and Professor Dementor, the movie also name dropped several other familiar baddies, including Señor Senior Senior and Señor Senior Junior.)

A continuation could also address Kim and Ron’s romantic connection, which wasn’t explored in this movie. Stanley “loved that we showcased their friendship, the strong bond that two people can share as friends,” adding, “I think any sort of romantic development could be saved for possible future movies.”

Do you think the Kim Possible movie did justice to its animated predecessor? And which villain(s) would you want to see in a potential sequel? Grade the movie below, then drop a comment with your full review.