Broad City Stars Reveal the Key Reason Why They're Ending the Show Now

Broad City Final Season Ilana Abbi

New York might be the city that never sleeps… but Abbi and Ilana’s Broad City adventures were never meant to last forever.

Comedy Central’s free-wheeling hipster hit is signing off this year after its current fifth season (airing Thursdays at 10/9c), and stars/co-creators Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer tell TVLine they decided to end the show because they’re moving into a new phase of life now: their thirties. “The show was always really about what New York is like in your twenties, from these two specific points of view,” Jacobson says. “But I think it didn’t really click in that that was what the show was about until we were in our thirties… It’s supposed to exist in your twenties. It’s a flash-in-the-pan kind of thing, and we wanted to stay true to that.”

Broad City Final Season Ilana Abbi CouchEnding the show now was ultimately a “creative decision,” Glazer adds. “We had been talking about what we envisioned as the end since Season 3, maybe. We just always thought, like, five or six [seasons]. But… it just became clear that it was the right decision creatively: for the world, for the characters, and for us as artists. We didn’t want to write it in a way that felt incomplete.”

Abbi actually turned the big 3-0 in the Season 5 premiere, so are the characters changing at all as they leave their carefree twenties behind? “I think they’re the same girls, but they are older,” Glazer says. “They’ve grown more layers. I feel like a tree ring per season, personally, I’ve earned.” She notes that when the show first started, it was about young people who were “fresh-faced” and “excited to be in New York for the first time,” but now “these girls have been here for years and years.”

She recalls sitting in the makeup chair next to Jacobson over the course of five seasons: “We literally notice our faces wrinkling before our eyes on this show.” But those tree rings aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Glazer remembers the show’s hairstylist Marcel once telling them, “‘You’ve earned those wrinkles.’ I feel like we’ve earned those wrinkles on this show.”