Super Bowl Ratings: Will the Dullest Game in Recent Memory Possibly Beat Last Year's 9-Year Low?

Super Bowl Ratings 2019

Will a super-listless Super Bowl put up not-so-super numbers come the morning after?

Clocking in at a brisk three-and-a-half hours, the New England Patriots’ 13-3 win over the Los Angeles Rams started off sssslowwwly, with the second lowest-scoring first half in history. The Patriots went into halftime with a 3-0 lead, which following Maroon 5’s “D+” show would be matched in the third quarter by the Rams’ own field goal.

New England made things “exciting” in the fourth quarter, adding an actual touchdown (!) and then another field goal. An interception, and ultimately a way-wide field goal attempt in the final seconds, sealed the Rams’ fate, as Patriots QB Tom Brady captured his record sixth NFL title and the team as a whole matched the Steelers for most Super Bowl wins (with six).

A year ago, the Philadelphia Eagles’ first ever championship win, 41-33 over the Patriots, delivered 103.4 million total viewers — down 7 percent from the year prior and marking a nine-year low for the Big Game (since 2009, when Steelers/Cardinals drew 98.7 million viewers).

Major-market teams from opposite coasts aside, will this year’s Super Bowl possibly deliver a bigger audience? Or will the dearth of digits on the scoreboard translate into a smaller crowd? Vote in the poll below, and hit the Comments to elaborate on your predicted audience.

2018, Eagles/Patriots: 103.4 million (9-year low)
2017, Patriots/Falcons: 111.3 million
2016, Broncos/Panthers: 111.9 million
2015, Patriots/Seahawks: 114.4 million (most watched ever)
2014, Seahawks/Broncos: 112.2 million
2013, Ravens/49ers: 108.7 million
2012, Giants/Patriots: 111.3 million
2011, Packers/Steelers: 111 million
2010, Saints/Colts: 106.5 million
2009, Steelers/Cardinals: 98.7 million

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