Arrow Recap: How Did Oliver Prove Himself to His Newfound Sister?

Arrow Recap 7x11

This week on Arrow, Oliver and Laurel were haunted by their pasts, in ways that each traced back to their respective Daddy issues. Meanwhile, was Curtis able to make Diggle give up the Ghost Initiative?

Oliver meeting his half-sister, Emiko, was far from a warm, fuzzy moment. Though he was quick to deem his father’s actions unforgivable and avowed to make things right, she maintained that he is wasting his time with the outreach. “Your family destroys everything,” Emiko said, and when Oliver asked for “one chance” to prove himself to his “sister,” she shot back: “I have no family.”

When Rick Kannon, a local TV newsman who profiled Oliver and Laurel as vigilantes-turned-public servants, got zapped by an unseen assailant and then was thrust onto TV to denounce Oliver as a fraud and liar, Oliver and Dinah eventually deduced that the man responsible is Sam Hackett, the son of David Hackett aka Robert Queen’s bodyguard aboard the Gambit … aka the third person on the life raft, whom Robert offed before taking his own life. Toward episode’s end, Sam launched an assault on the cop shop, hacking into its electrical grid to power a lethal weapon of his own design. While Oliver, whose death Sam called for, stalled, Dinah sneaked outside and unhacked the electrical box, neutering Sam and allowing Oliver to gain the upper hand.

Afterward, Oliver reappeared on banged-up Rick Kannon’s show to detail the circumstances of Dave Hackett’s murder. “Transparency is about more than not wearing a mask,” he told the people of Star City. “I made mistakes, and I will make mistakes again. But I will not lie — that is my promise to you.”

Watching Oliver’s latest news hit, Emiko showed up to say it “took guts,” and represents a “start” in him proving he is different from the man who abandoned her and her mother. As such, she is “ready to think about talking” to Oliver about her own story.


* Following a “Meet the meatheads” sequence that lightly aped the Suicide Squad movie’s own, Curtis expressed his displeasure that the Sui– er, Ghost Initiative has been resurrected, using as it does explosives inside heads to regulate behavior. Later, it appeared that Diaz had escaped his restraints, freed the others (China White, Cupid, Joe Wilson), busted his way out of ARGUS and then snapped Curtis’ neck (?!?!?!)… but we then realized that Curtis had implanted in Diaz’s head a VR program that duped him into believing he escaped — and in doing so provided them with Dante’s whereabouts. Curtis reckoned the Ghost Initiative is now no longer needed, but Diggle insisted they need “boots on the ground” to get Dante. But once that’s done, he’ll shut down the program for good. Uh-huh.

* In the midst of guzzling a bottle of Malbec with Felicity, Laurel “impossibly” ran into someone from her Earth-Two past, Brett Collins. (In flashback, we see Earth-Two’s Laurel confront the lush, then blast him with her sonic cry.) After finding a cryptic note on her work desk (“I FOUND YOU”), Laurel asked Felicity to track down the Earth-Two visitor. When Felicity later stopped Laurel from pummeling the guy, Laurel opened up about who he is/was: the drunk driver who drove her dad off the road, back on Earth-Two. Laurel, as she once told Quentin, has her own baggage from that fateful night, having prompted her dad to make a cake run on her birthday. When the ladies looped in Dinah, and then got feedback from The Flash‘s Cisco, they learned 1) Brett is in SCPD custody, and 2) he is actually our Brett, a vigilante-hating drunk. The one from Earth-Two died years ago. Whew!

But… in the closing shot, Dinah went to her car and found a similar printed note, that read: ONE BY ONE I’LL KILL YOU ALL.

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