American Ninja Warrior Sneak Peek: Will Najee Have to Beat the Water Walls to Help Team USA Beat the World?

It’s “USA vs. The World” this Sunday at 8/7c, as NBC’s American Ninja Warrior swings back onto your screens with its annual two-hour special. Can Najee Richardson stay afloat against the formidable Water Walls to lead Team USA to victory?

In ANW: USA vs The World, top U.S.-based competitors from last year’s American Ninja Warrior go head to head with Ninjas and skilled athletes from around the globe (in the form of Team Europe and, for the first time, Team Australia). We Yankees are seeking redemption this go-round, having fallen to Team Europe in the final moments of last year’s special.

Team USA features Richardson along with Drew Drechsel, Jesse “Flex” Labreck, Mathis “Kid” Owhadi and Barclay Stockett. Press PLAY above to watch Richardson — who in the National Finals timed out while battling the new Water Walls obstacle — take on the Stage II course.

USA vs. The World is “one of the most gratifying moments of the year for me and the Ninja family,” says co-host Akbar Gbaja-Biamila. “Getting together the top athletes from all around the world, and feeling the camaraderie as well as the highest level of competition… it’s electric. Get ready to see some high-flying runs from some of your favorites Ninjas!”

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