Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Kicks Off Final Episodes With a Trip to 'Pervatory'

Kimmy Schmidt Recap

Stalkers and cougars and Elmos, oh my! Netflix on Friday released the second half of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt‘s fourth and final season, which began with an enlightening trip to pervatory. Never heard of it? Allow me to explain.

After being hit on by a sexy millennial named Matt, Jacqueline learned of an intriguing new trend: Because of the #MeToo movement, young men have apparently stopped flirting with young women, not wanting to be accused of sexual misconduct. But because older women are used to being treated like sexual objects, the young men are gravitating towards them. In other words, “they spent 25 years being conditioned to be horn dogs, and now they just found out it’s wrong. They’re caught between worlds. They’re in pervatory!”

Is this absolute nonsense? Of course. But did I love watching Jacqueline, Lillian and even Mimi Kanasis get their flirt on with some choice hotties? Absolutely. Unfortunately, Jacqueline’s buffet of boys immediately shut down when she discovered that Matt was Mimi’s son. “Oh, God, they’re all someone’s son!” she shrieked, suddenly seeing the error of her ways. (It was actually kind of a brilliant way of poking fun at men who dismiss sexual misconduct under the guise of “boys will be boys,” then change their mind when they think about their own daughters.)

Elsewhere in the premiere…

* Titus thought he’d finally landed his first celebrity stalker (played by The Punisher‘s Jon Bernthal), only to learn that he was actually hired by Mr. Frumpus to dig up dirt on Titus, as well as anyone else who might come forward with sexual assault accusations. He made it clear that if Titus opens his mouth, Mr. Frumps will make his life a living hell, though he also asked a fair question: “How could we possibly make your life any worse?” (Sad, but true.)

* Kimmy reunited with fellow mole woman Donna Maria, who now has a thriving career as both a motivational author and restaurateur. She initially brushed Kimmy off, believing that a share traumatic experience does not a friendship make, but she changed her tune after she and Kimmy teamed up to take down… a birthday party Elmo? (Yeah, I wouldn’t say this episode was anyone’s finest hour.)

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