Siren Season 2 Is Giving Us TV's First Mermaid Throuple

Siren Season 2

Returning for its second season tonight (8/7c), Freeform’s Siren is taking a novel approach to supernatural love triangles: Why should anyone have to choose?

The power of a siren’s song coupled with the species’ natural sexual fluidity presents an intriguing situation for mermaid Ryn and humans Ben and Maddie. As the latter two work through their lingering feelings for one another, as well as their otherworldly infatuation with Ryn, they’ll find themselves navigating yet-uncharted waters.

“We teased it a lot in the first year, and it would be unfair to the audience if we just teased it forever without getting to what we’re trying to land on,” executive producer Emily Whitesell tells TVLine. “We could only dance around that polyamorous relationship for so long, and we really did hold off.”

She continues, “We’re trying to address the world we live in and how we feel about other each other. People aren’t as into labels anymore, and everything doesn’t have to be defined so perfectly and be so restrictive. This is the world we live in, and it’s the way a lot of people want to live their lives.” This new romantic formation differs from the “traditional” TV love triangles “where there’s jealousy and everyone is at each other’s throats.”

And as more mermaids wash ashore in Season 2, the idea of them being “refugees” — strangers in a strange land, if you will — works as another real-world parallel for Siren to mine. “We think about the show in a lot of metaphorical ways,” Whitesell says. “You can have a cool story about things people are interested in, but if it isn’t grounded in what’s happening in the world, it loses its allure.”

Siren will also remain dedicated to exploring “themes of environmental dangers and problems in the ocean” in its second year. In fact, Whitesell reveals that “we’re going to go under the water later in the season and see the world where [the mermaids] come from. We’ll see their beautiful world, and we’ll understand why they were driven out.”

What are your hopes for Siren‘s second season? Hit PLAY on the video below to re-watch TVLine’s interview with the cast at San Diego Comic-Con, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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