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Suits Boss on What Harvey Knows (and Doesn't Know) About Donna's New Guy

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Warning: The following contains spoilers for Wednesday’s Suits premiere.

Now that Suits viewers have met the new man in Donna’s life, it’s time to discuss how the man who’s always been there will feel about his possible competition.

During Wednesday’s Season 8B premiere, Donna set out to find a new general counsel for one of the firm’s clients, Thomas Kessler (played by Grimm‘s Sasha Roiz). Not only did she succeed in tracking down the perfect hire for Thomas, but she also charmed him in the process. Believing they have chemistry, Thomas asked Donna to have dinner with him. Although she was clearly interested and flattered, she turned him down because he’s a client. Thomas promised to give her time before asking her out again. If she still feels the same way, he’ll never ask again.

Suits Sasha RoizAs this romantic first look displays, Donna will, indeed, change her mind about not dating a client. And that brings us to the elephant in the firm: How will Harvey — with whom Donna has a long and complicated history — respond when he learns about the new fella romancing the redhead?

“Harvey doesn’t know about this guy,” showrunner Aaron Korsh reveals. “We get to see what’s going on in Harvey’s life in juxtaposition to what’s going on in Donna’s life, without Harvey knowing. I think different people are going to feel different ways about it. So forget about how Harvey feels. How are the fans going to feel?! If they’re rooting for Donna and Harvey, and they’re therefore sort of in Harvey’s court, they’re going to feel things that Harvey isn’t going to feel because he isn’t even going to know. That, to me, is interesting. In particular, in [Episodes] 12 and 13, there are two sequences where we’re juxtaposing scenes with Harvey with scenes with Donna and Thomas, and I really like what it does, and we allow you to kind of put your own feelings into that.”

But of course, Harvey won’t remain in the dark about the relationship forever. “Eventually, Harvey is going to find out about it,” Korsh says. “Again, people are going to put on what they put on to the scenes, but there’s no doubt that Harvey is going to feel affected. I think in the past, he’s been affected by discovering Donna has some love interest in her life, and he will be affected by it, but he’s going to try to not show it to himself and to Donna and to the world. Also, he’s going to try to be happy for Donna because it’s what you do, or it’s certainly what Harvey does.”

Then things will get even more complicated for the lawyer when it comes to Thomas. “His status as a client is going to cause Harvey to have a very big decision to make vis-a-vis telling him something that he shouldn’t tell him… about a different client,” Korsh teases.

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