Project Runway All Stars Recap: Which Designer Was Thrown Off Corset?

Project Runway All Stars Recap

Project Runway All Stars‘ remaining 12 designers were so taken aback by this week’s challenge, they were literally twitching by the time Alyssa Milano was done explaining the task at hand. The challenge, much to (almost) everyone’s dismay, was to “celebrate a woman’s figure by incorporating a corset into a high-fashion look.” (Last week’s unconventional materials challenge suddenly sounds like a dream.)

Highlights from the workroom included Michelle Lesniak slicing her finger open; Jasper Garvida gluing lace onto his corset, sending his fellow designers into a tizzy (“It’s bulls–t!”); and Evan Biddell telling Dmitry Sholokhov — who admitted to being “fragile” in that moment — that this week’s look simply wasn’t his best work.

Christina Exie emerging as the winner of this challenge wasn’t a huge surprise, considering she was the only designer who expressed excitement over working with a corset. “The way it’s put together is really kind of special,” Isaac Mizrahi said of her winning design.

Project Runway All Stars RecapCynthia Hayashi and Jasper’s “predictable” and “inexpensive” looks landed them in this week’s bottom two, with the judges ultimately choosing to send home Jasper.

“That was the first time I’ve done a stretch corset, so it was quite difficult and challenging,” Jasper said after leaving the runway. “Unfortunately, I didn’t perform in this specific challenge, so it’s sad to go. When I go back to London, I have London Fashion Week to attend to, and look after the business and show my collection. With this challenge, it just wasn’t my day, but I’m going to remember this experience really fondly.”

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