Arrow Recap: The Pocket Queen — Plus, Felicity's Future Killer Revealed?

Arrow Recap 7x10

The CW’s Arrow resumed Season 7 by dropping a bombshell on Oliver, while the future timeline dropped a couple more breadcrumbs — including the identity of the entity that wanted Felicity Smoak dead.

“The world is not a fair place,” the new Green Arrow aka Emiko Queen observed in her opening voiceover, as she crossed names off her own list. “The people who are supposed to protect us are failing us.” For her latest mission, Emiko broke into a place called Talis Global to steal data, but she took a bullet on her way out (the window). Bleeding, she found Rene, who brought her his place and tended to her wound. No Nightingale act would get this icy Queen to thaw, though — and Rene likening her to the OG GA doesn’t help matters at all.

Oliver meanwhile began his gig as a deputized member of the SCPD, and his first case is the Green Arrow’s atypical B&E. Helping Dinah out with the evidence processing backlog, he brought a blood sample from the shattered window to Felicity at home, who moments later told the hubby, “Can you sit down?” Because not only is the new Green Arrow a she, but she is Robert Queen’s daughter!

Felicity suggested that semi-shell-shocked Oliver reach out to his newly discovered kin, but he suspects that if she wanted to connect, she would have. Felicity works her magic to find recurring payments that Robert had been making to a storage facility, though the account is registered in Moira’s name. Summoning and later rummaging through the boxes contained within, Oliver found a letter that Robert wrote to Walter Steele, asking his longtime friend to, in the event of his death, take care of the delicate matter of a woman he loved, Kazumi Hadachi, and the daughter they had together. Walter never got that request, and the thought that these two women weren’t taken care of as deserved, and because of his mother, made Oliver angry. But he also deemed it unforgivable that Robert abandoned them in the first place.

After Rene barged in on one of her latest attacks, Emiko eventually allowed him into her lair, where she detailed her personal mission: to get justice for her mother, who last year was killed prior to a Glades tenement blaze. Emiko traced the fatal bullet to a William (why William? so many first names to choose from!) Glenmorgan, but when she (with help from Rene as well as Curtis) got the drop on the Talis bigwig, he professed his innocence, saying he only recently got back into the country after a long time away. Rene insisted on helping Emiko re-calibrate and finishing her mission. Later, she was visiting her father’s grave when Oliver, after another nudge from Felicity, showed up: “Hello, Emiko.”

Elsewhere in the winter premiere:

* Diggle undermined (and this angered) Lyla by enlisting Diaz to be part of a resurrected Suicide Squad Ghost Initiative. Diaz’s bean was later fitted for a bomb/tracker, as part of this “worst of the worst” team-up.

* In the future, Zoe visited the bright-n-shiny Glades to visit her father, Mayor Rene Ramirez. She shared the news about the bombing schematics found at Felicity’s base of operations, plus the fact that Felicity was now dead. Zoe said they needed access to his Archer security system to hunt down the bomber, but Rene refused. Later, Dinah confronted Rene outside and asked for his help herself, but he maintained that “Star City isn’t my problem,” that only now is he truly getting things done, wearing a bad wig versus a silly hockey mask. Dinah reminded him of the Mark of IV tattoo that they, Roy, Diggle, Oliver and Felicity have, and their promise to “fight no matter what.” Dinah then compelled him to cough up access codes, seeing as “the last time we fought, it didn’t end so well for you.” The next day, Rene confronted his chief of staff (?) about the bombing plan as well as Felicity’s murder. The stooge coolly explained that “Ms. Smoak was becoming a liability, and had to be dealt with.” And surely Rene isn’t now getting cold feet? “Naw, Hoss,” he essentially said(/lied?).

What did you think of the midseason premiere and Rene’s distractingly awful wig?

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